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My Vans RV7 Specification
Top Speed - 210mph
Cruise - 200mph
Take off Distance - 275ft
Landing Distance - 350ft
Rate of Climb - 2'200fpm
Ceiling 23'000ft
Fuel Range - 775sm (950sm max echonomy cruise)
Fuel Capacity - 42 US Gal / 80L
Fuel Consumption 10/13 US Gal/hr.
Engine - Superior IO-360-B1A2 (180hp@2700RPM)
Propeller - Hertzell Constant Speed, HC-C2YR-1BFP/F7496-2
Dynon D100 EFIS (Electronic Flight Information System)
Dynon AOA pitot head
Advanced AF-2500 Engine Monitor (Fuel Flow, EGT, CHT, Fuel Press', Oil Temp/Press', Trim P', Flap P')
Garmin 195 GPS
EZ-Pilot - Auto-pilot coupled to GPS
Odyssey PC680 battery, B&C Backup Alternator
Backup instruments - Compass, Altimeter, Airspeed Indicator.
Cessna FRA150L has been SOLD Click for the New UK Vans RV Builders Forum
Welcome to my Vans RV7 Quickbuild Project Site..
The Vans RV7 is a kit aircraft from Van’s Aircraft Inc in America. It is only available as a kit aircraft because the certification requires that it is amateur built. In America this is the experimental category, however, here in the UK we don’t have an experimental category we operate on a ‘Permit to Fly’ administered by The Light Aircraft Association.....[more]

Here on this site you will see all the details of how I built my Vans RV7 quick build kit, during the construction I took 2'719 photographs. I am in the process of updating the construction section to make use of all the pictures I have from my build diary (133 baffles, 386 canopy, 294 wings, 123 engine, 192 firewall plus other pictures). See the construction section below for what areas are covered.
For my Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 bi-plane. See: www. GreatLakes2T .co.uk.

August 2008: Thruxton to Muxamel (Spain) in my RV7.

I have separated out 'My Flying' from this build site to: www.gapilot.co.uk

RV7 G-OVII Paintwork complete
RV7 painting has been completed 30-Jul-2007
My Vans RV7 has been to Mick Allens paint shop to have the exterior painted. I took my RV7 in on 02-June and stripped the controls and all exterior trim. Mick had to fit me in around some other jobs as I had missed my slot due to weather - unable to fly in. It is now complete, click picture left to see the process and completed paintwork. Back now at Thruxton completed (more pictures).

Weight and Balance figures here. NEW video added 7-Nov-07 here.
Fitting the engine & mount back onto the fuse
Thinking about building your own RV? - Visit my Build Diary.
Here on this site you will see all the details of how I built my Vans RV7 (quick build) kit, during the construction I took pictures at every stage and posted a diary entry almost every day. I hope it helps you plan your build and possible build options you may like to take. You should find the area you are looking for!!

Click for 2006 - 2005 - 2004 build diarys.

Paint/Primer Information - RV Tools
News, events & now flying my RV7.
10-Nov-09 Construction - Electrical added.
08-Nov-08 Pricing a kit aircraft.
04-Nov-08 Construction Section - Building the Horizontal Stabilizer.
03-Nov-08 Construction Section - Cutting and fitting the canopy.
01-Nov-08 Pictures of my RV7 taken by Gary Ramage.
11-Oct-08 Formation flying in my RV7 at Northweald.
23-Aug-08 Retracing the trip I made to Valencia in C150, but in my RV7 this time - Thruxton-Muxamel.
27-Aug-07 Bank Holiday weekend Jo and I go to Isle of Wight Sandown.
05-Aug-07 Made a little video of me flying the RV out of Thruxton round Isle of Wight.
04-Aug-07 RV is back from the painter.
02-Jun-07 RV goes to the painter & I find a problem with the starter motor
I take David, Robert & Aleix flying in the RV.
Fuel Caps Engraved I found somewhere local able to engrave my fuel caps..
Easter Weekend 2007 A full weekend flying the RV (Popham, Bembridge, Perranporth, Wycombe, Blackbushe).
03-Mar-07 John comes over from America to visit.
02-Mar-07 Went flying with Bob Cole this afternoon, now OK to go out on my own.
23-Feb-07 Permit to Fly arrives, I am now in the air.
18/19-Nov-06, G-OVII takes to the sky.After 20 months of building at 13:40 my RV takes off for the first time with Bob Cole.
10/11-June-06 I moved the RV to the hanger.
Superior IO-360 engine
The construction section takes you through how to assemble key areas that are not detailed in the Vans build manual. I am constantly updating and adding to this section. So far: Superior IO-360 fitting, Dynon D100 (incl AOA pitot), Duckworks landing light, Matco park brake, B&C SD8 Alternator & Advanced AF-2500 engine monitor.

What will it cost to build an RV?
Jo helping fit the final skin to the wing
Taking on a project like this will involve other people - My project helpers.
In the main, I worked on the project totally on my own, but from time to time I needed some help. Mostly Jo was the first person to come to my rescue, but as the project progressed I found more people wanted to get involved and be part of what was being built in my garage.
Building RV7 Time Line
A quick breakdown of significant events on the project.
25-Sep-04 The kit arrives in my workshop.
12-Oct-04 Tool kit arrives.
30-Oct-04 Rivet lesson with John Mitche.
6-Nov-04 Inspector Miles visits & clears to start building.
27-Jan-05 Started work on wings.
28-Mar-05 Inspector visits signes off empannage & wings to close off. Also inspects QB fuse.
4-Apr-05 Jo helps close right wing.
1-May-05 Tony helps close left wing.
9-May-05 John Mitche helps fit & align wings.
10-July-05 Cut canopy perspex.
15-Aug-05 Ordered Dynon D100.
1-Sep-05 Started instrument panel.
4-Sep-05 Fitted engine frame.
30-Sep-05 Collected Dynon D100 while in America.
4-Oct-05 Ordered Superior IO-360 engine from Jade Air.
9-Nov-05 Ordered firewall forward kit from Vans Aircraft.
29-Nov-05 Jade Air delivered engine.
6-Dec-05 Ordered Hartzell propeller from Vans Aircraft.
23-Feb-06 Powered up electrical system for first time (testing).
10-Mar-06 Propellar delivered.
11-Jul-06 Moved to hanger, wings fitted.
23-Jul-06 Started up engine.
4-Aug-06 Final inspection a few things to sort out.
29-Aug-06 Weight & balance. Passed final inspection.
13-Sep-06 PFA have paperwork for test flight.
18-Nov-06 Paperwork back from PFA. First test flight.
13-Jan-07 Finally completed test flying after bad weather.
15-Jan-07 Paperwork posted to PFA.
23-Feb-07 Permit to Fly received from CAA.
Projects since my RV7
I have spent the years since building my RV7 restoring a Great Lakes bi-plane. I have built a Vans RV4 and built the first Cub Crafters Carbon Cub in the UK.
RV8 build pictures - click link above.
Cubcrafters Carbon Cub  

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